Maxomorra Autumn 2021
Alba AW21
Maxomorra Autumn 2021
Alba AW21

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DUNS Autumn 2021

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Maxomorra Autumn 2021

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Smafolk Autumn 2021

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What is GOTS

This video was produced by the Sustainability Show and gives a great overview of the GOTS standard.

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The Climate Emergency

We are in a climate emergency and kids clothes is a big contributor to water scarcity, but there is hope. The Soil Association Certification are ur...

Should We All Stay at a Hut in the Woods?

In recent months the idea of escaping to the countryside to breathe in fresh air and connect with nature has become more appealing than ever. In No...

Celebrating Sustainability - for a Greener World

At Nature's Kids we are still on a journey to understand what we can do for a more sustainable future. 2020 was going to be the year where we start...

Covid 19 - What are we doing as a company?

We have taken a number of steps to be able to continue to trade during the Covid 19 pandemic. Orders are being processed by one person, with regula...

Our 2019 Scandi Trip to Gothenburg

Our 2019 scandi Trip to Gothenburg, Sweden, in November was a great experience for all of us. Our kids loved the museums, including the Universeum,...

It's got to be GOTS

At Nature's Kids, we get asked by customers "what is GOTS", and what makes it different from "made with organic", and we feel it is important to en...

Why Change?

Changing to a new website design and a new e-commerce platform is a really important step for us. We know it is not easy for our customers to navig...

Ethical Responsibility

At Nature's Kids we are looking hard at what we do, and have created a code of ethics which represent our company, and which our customers hopefull...

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility refers to the duty that a company has to operate in a way that protects the environment. At Nature's Kids we only supp...

Community Responsibility

Community engagement is one of the key pillars of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Nature' Kids will be involved with a number of initiatives...