About Us

Nature's Kids

Nature’s Kids is aimed at eco-conscious parents who want something special for their young kids to wear

Our company aims to have a strong eco brand and value set. This is why we want to focus on supplying brands with an Organic and Fairtrade ethos.

Within the UK, there is a widening understanding of the importance of green initiatives, and we think our brand will sit very well within this sector. It is an area of significant ongoing growth and is only set to expand further in the coming years.

In the UK, there is also a wave of Scandinavian influences coming into our culture, including popular TV shows, and books as the concept of Hygge – the Danish notion of cosiness. Within this eco clothing is starting to play a large part.

Our brand also aims to educate customers on the benefits of using eco and ethical clothing for young children. Whilst the clothing tends to be most popular with more affluent families, it stands to reason that these products represent excellent value for money as they can be handed down through families as they are made to last as opposed to disposable fashion from some high-street retailers.

Organic cotton is also gloriously soft and as such parents have chosen to purchase organic cotton clothing for their children who suffer with eczema.