Our 2019 Scandi Trip to Gothenburg

Our 2019 scandi Trip to Gothenburg, Sweden, in November was a great experience for all of us. Our kids loved the museums, including the Universeum, and Natural History Museum. The Liseberg amusement park at Halloween is an experience like no other. We also got to visit the Villervalla retail shops, and talk to the staff, before meeting a member of the Villervalla team for an exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming AW20 collection! We spent a wonderful afternoon in the company of the owners of Duns Sweden. 

We arrived in Sweden late on Wednesday evening, and stayed at the Landvetter hotel, next to the airport. We knew the kids would be tired, so we had planned to stay there that night, and head into Gothenburg the next morning. The morning came, and that day Maxomorra was launching its winter B collection, so we had to plan our day to arrive at our next hotel in Gothenburg at the right time, so Caprice could use the available WiFi to set the collection live for our customers to order. The buffet breakfast in the Landvetter hotel was great, and highly recommended, and we could not have asked for a better selection for people of all dietary requirements. We are not vegan, but were very impressed with the different plant based milks on offer.

We headed by bus to Gothia Towers, which is a really good hotel, and a useful landmark. We checked in and Caprice set the Maxomorra winter drop live. Gothia Towers is directly opposite the Liseberg amusement park, and from our hotel room, we could see the entrance, which made the kids incredibly excited. Something we really appreciated on this trip is the understanding from our customers. Caprice usually is driven to get orders out and to our customers as quick as possible. There have been times where Caprice will arrange for the local post office to open early. On this occasion we were in a different country, and had been hoping that the drops would happen sooner. Duns Sweden had launched on the day we flew. Having customers understand our situation has been really heartwarming.

As soon as the clothes were live on our website, we headed to Liseberg, and it was a magical experience. During the day we went twice (had to stamp our hands so we could return). Once during daylight and once in the evening. Both give a completely different outlook on what is there. Halloween at night in Liseberg is a must do for anyone visiting Gothenburg. The kids mentioned Liseberg every day we were there.

The next day, we met a staff member from Villervalla and the owners of Duns Sweden in a lovely part of Gothenburg called Haga. Villervalla have 4 locations in Haga, their two private offices, main retail shop and a popular outlet shop. While at their offices we met one of their key staff, and got to see next years Autumn/Wimter prints, and our jaws dropped at what was coming. For lunch we visited the cosy, warm feeling vegetarian cafe Cafeva. We then met up with the Duns Sweden owners ... and ... and we instantly hit it off. They are great with kids, and so friendly. We talked about their passions, where they lived, where they started as a company, it was a really great meet up, and for us, showed that as a company, knowing all of the supply chain is essential. We all headed off the Natural History Museum, and had a great time exploring and learning. The museum is almost like a time capsule, of what museums used to be like. The museum is famous for its taxidermy, and the variety of animals and species on show. Its not for everyone, and can be a little off putting, but once you understand that it gives kids a chance to learn, then you understand why its there. We said our good byes, and knew that it would not be the last time we came and visited.

The next day we headed for the Universeum, which for kids is a brilliant experience. Its larger than you think, and has some very quirky but very fun parts. Its a must for families. The ability to learn a bit of swedish was also very interesting. The museum for kids helps them learn about all levels of our planet, and got them interacting. We will come back to Gothenburg, and explore more of the city and hopefully more of the surrounding area. The people are lovely and very helpful. Visiting both Villervalla and the Duns Sweden owners was definitely a highlight. So far on our business travels we have visited Denmark and Sweden, where shall we go next?