Should We All Stay at a Hut in the Woods?

In recent months the idea of escaping to the countryside to breathe in fresh air and connect with nature has become more appealing than ever. 

In Nordic countries temporarily leaving towns and cities for the solitude of a basic cabin set in woodland is common practice. But is this an idea we should adopt ourselves?

The huts are unconnected to heating and water supplies so ownership is not for those who enjoy luxury retreats. But their rudimentary nature maybe part of the appeal. I expect there is constant work involved in a staying in a hut, as your probably constantly collecting wood for the fire, thinking where the water comes from and thinking all the time about what’s around you and noticing.

The popularity of glamping is on the rise. It’s a unique way to combine the luxury and comfort of a traditional hotel stay and an outdoor camping experience. The opportunity to be in nature is often the most compelling reason to choose a glamping holiday. With so much technology intertwined in our lives, from smartphones to smart homes, many travellers are choosing to reconnect with nature and remove themselves from the hustle and bustle of modern life, but hutting could be the next step to being in contact with nature.

This year as a family we managed to get a small glamping break to Lincolnshire, on a very nice glamping site, in the woods, by a very relaxing pond. Each night we saw bats, and just down the path, there was a birds of prey nest, with chicks, which made our kids very happy. The dragonflies were very very very big. We even cooked on an open fire every day. Both our girls made a little tipee, and made there own little camp. This was our only holiday this year, and we were incredibly lucky to spend it in relaxing surroundings.

The Japanese prescribe ‘forest bathing’ now for all kinds of things including high blood pressure, so hutting could be part of a great healthy solution.

We will try hutting one day, and will be going back glamping as sooon as possible. One day maybe we will look back and realise that this is what people always needed. Fresh air, and the sounds of nature.