Why Change?

Changing to a new website design and a new e-commerce platform is a really important step for us. We know it is not easy for our customers to navigate on a new site, as you will be used to certain aspects being in certain places on the screen. 

We felt though that for our company to progress we needed to give our customers the best possible experience, and give added insight into what we do.

With our previous site, we felt that the product filter was not working, how we would like it to, and the site would also be slow, or be unresponsive on big drop days. As we've grown we've found the old website was unable to cope with the sheer number of customers seeking to shop with us on major collection releases. This is our attempt to make things so much better for you.

The new layout feels fresher, and with an integrated blog facility, and integrated Instagram, this should show more of who we are. Check out the new "Collections List" as these will help you find instantly those latest drops from our main scandi brands.

Social responsibility is really important within our industry, and with buying GOTS certified organic kids clothes, we are all looking at what we buy, and where we buy it from. We thought to ourselves, can we do more. We have created 3 areas for our company, what we believe are key; Community, Environmental, and Ethical, and we will be sharing with you, what we already do, what changes we make, and the discoveries we find.

Hopefully the changes we have made, will make a positive impact.

Let us know your thoughts.